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iScope Digital’s team of professional marketing consultants, designers, campaign managers and IT staff possess over 25 years of direct marketing experience. Our staff develops precision target marketing plans that are designed to optimize end results based on our client’s specific objectives.
iScope Digital is the Direct Marketing Industry’s leader in strategic permission based email marketing solutions and data driven media. Our opt-in databases contains over 150 million double opt in permission based consumer emails and over 30 million Business records with direct email contact. In an effort to provide our clients with the cleanest and best performing data in the industry, iScope Digital consistently channels our data through extensive hygiene and verification processes. This includes monthly NCOA (National Change of Address) on all postal records and monthly ECOA (Electronic Change of Address) on all email records.
Iscope Digital thrives on developing successful online/offline marketing programs customized to increase your ROI and enhance your niche marketing efforts. Iscope Digital is made up of top industry professionals with over 20 years of direct marketing experience in many facets of traditional media, online advertising, Data Solutions, and Direct Marketing.
Request a free consultation and let us show you how we can bridge the gap with your other advertising efforts or revolutionize your entire sales process. We are experienced at taking your products/services to market and putting them in front of the right audience. While we can’t predict every new turn in the future, we will give you straight forward answers and help establish a marketing life cycle to maximize your business potential for each project.
Marketing Objectives

At iScope Digital we pride ourselves on our detailed campaign development practices. Our analytic approach to each project combined with our creative ambition allows us to effectively execute an organized media plan that will over deliver desired results. Whether you’re looking for instant results or long, steady growth, we have a plan to help you reach your marketing goals. If these goals are to acquire new customers, drive sales, and maximize your return on new and existing customers via multiple innovative marketing channels. The ultimate goal is to produce a successful marketing channel that will yield a positive return on investment and lay the foundation in developing new customer relationships via the following

· Online Lead Generation
· Strategic Email Marketing Campaign
· Email Data Solutions
· Consumer Data Targeting
· Business Data Targeting
· Call Center Strategies

New Customer Acquisition

iScope Digital can reach over 150 million savvy internet consumers on a moment’s notice with our backend technology email systems and our vast partnerships with web property affiliate networks; We can further hone in on your target market, channeling specific consumers to your site, or a customized landing page designed for building your newsletter subscribers, customer base, or generate direct product sales, event registrations, webinars and more. We specialize in lead acquisition for small business, travel clients, e-commerce sites, entertainment, real estate, B2B, Software, mortgage, and many other verticals. We can help you acquire new data including age, address, phone number, and other specific demographics. Let us help develop and segment your database of new and existing high value customers today.
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