Database Marketing Solutions

Database Marketing Solutions

Email Append
Over the years, you’ve compiled a list of your customers contact information yet until now, you have had very limited contact with them via the web because you only have their postal address but are without their email address. Iscope Digital has the ability to provide you with the email addresses of your customers!

Here is how it works:
First, you provide iScope Digital with file containing your customer names and postal addresses through a secured FTP website. We’ll remove duplicate records and apply standard postal address hygiene including CASS certification.
Your customer data is then matched against our append database of 100 million records with full contact information to find a corresponding email address.
iScope Digital will then broadcast a Welcome Letter to all confirmed matches. This letter informs them that you are utilizing the append program to gather their email address to help build an online relationship with them; the letter also provides them with the opportunity to opt-out of future email correspondence with you.
All undeliverable matches are omitted and opt-out responders are flagged.
A final file containing deliverable matches is returned to you.

NCOA – National Change of Address:
The expensive cost of printing and postage makes it critical to take all of the necessary steps to insure the validity of your customer’s postal information. Each year roughly thirty-eight million Americans move the location of their residence or business but do not provide the mailer’s database with their current information.

As a result, your costly direct mail campaigns continue to go to your customer’s old addresses. It is estimated that at least nearly 10% all mail is undeliverable because of incorrect addresses.

Iscope Digital’s NCOA service has access to current change of address information and will identify your outdated records and update them prior to being sent to your fulfillment house.

DPV-Delivery Point Verification is another USPS software program that we utilize on all postal records which allows us to guarantee 100% deliverability on all records.

ECOA – Electronic Change of Address:

In an industry where the lifespan of an email address is approximately 18 months, it is imperative to consistently maintain the freshest database possible, to say ahead of your competition. iScope Digital’s permission-based ECOA program is similar to the U.S. Post Office’s NCOA service.

By periodically sending iScope Digital your customer email database, you will be able to:

Reestablish contact with customers who have changed their email addresses
Update your database with the current and most often utilized email addresses of your customers and therefore, be able to reach each customer at their preferred email box, not the one that rarely gets used

Interact One-to-One with Your Existing Customers and Market More Effectively.

Iscope Digital’s Data Enhancement solutions allow businesses to take advantage of both traditional and email advertising vehicles to build stronger relationships with customers.

The Append process can add a wealth of information to your database enhancing it to include:

postal addresses
marital status
lifestyle selects
phone numbers
and much more

Iscope Digital’s Data Enhancement offer significant benefits to users::

Our database is maintained and updated on a monthly basis (NCOA, CASS Certification, etc.)
One of the largest most efficient Data Append Service on the market
Up to 150 standard fields of demographic and lifestyle information
Data Append with a one-stop, turnkey simple solution
Matches completed within 48-72 hours

Now you can append your B2C or B2B file with email address, phone numbers, deep demographic information and behavioral attributes…to give you multichannel reach and heightened customer insight.

Businesses: Email Address, Telephone Numbers, URL, SIC Codes, Number of Employees, Contact Name, Title, Annual Sales, and more.

Consumers: Email, Telephone Numbers, Number of Children, Household Income, Age, Occupation, Housing Type, Mortgage Amount, Gender, Marital Status, Homeowner, Ethnicity, Buying Preferences, Credit Card Holders, Contributors, Political Party Affiliation, and more.

Our files are continuously updated to ensure accurate data and the matching technique was developed to provide the highest level of accurate data. To ensure accuracy the entire database is supported by multiple national data sources and proprietary verification techniques creating.