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Email Marketing Services

iScope Digital’s Email Marketing Solutions

Email Direct

More than just a list, more than just another e-mail service, Iscope Digital’s E-Mail Direct service gives you the tools and the tactics to succeed in today’s complex and ever-changing marketplace.

The perfect choice for sophisticated and novice e-mail marketers alike, E-Mail Direct provides marketers a cost-effective and innovative way to reach consumers. Short on time and/or resources? Iscope Digital can help develop a compelling message that delivers your offer to your best prospects quickly and effectively.

With Iscope Digital and E-Mail Direct on your side, you can:

Reduce product launch cycles from months to days
Generate immediate results with response times measured in hours instead of weeks
Increase the return on your acquisition and retention campaigns by reducing out-of-pocket expenses
Drive traffic to offline channels with special offers
Build awareness with new product announcements and incentives

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Email Marketing

Advertisers can deliver their messages through HTML/text mails targeted to a range of criteria including gender, age, interest, geography (including regions for multi-media campaigns), time online, recency and MOSAIC geo demographics. We can help you select and target the right audience who are most likely to respond to your campaign. Whatever your needs we can find the right prospects to target.

Iscope Digital manage the campaign delivery including testing (across multiple browsers and e-mail clients) and use their extensive experience to advise on many of the critical elements in achieving successful results including timing, subject lines and offers. Clients are provided with a report breaking down:

  • Volumes sent
  • Volumes opened
  • Volumes clicked (response)
  • Conversion Rates
  • ECPM Analysis

Iscope Digital’s management of advertisers’ campaigns is advantageous to the client in that campaigns can be scheduled to avoid clashes of similar advertisers and large volumes on a specific day – both of which will have an adverse effect on response.

Please note this medium is only available on a cost per thousand basis. Contact us now for further information.