Month: March 2022


8 Affordable, Scalable Lead Generation Strategies

Marketing and its companies are dependent on lead generation for their growth. Lead generation must be improved by increasing brand recognition and people’s curiosity about your products or services. You must nurture prospects from the marketing funnel through the sales pipeline. If done right, lead generation techniques build long-lasting relationships with potential customers.…
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Top 3 Signs You Need a Better Plan for Lead Gen

Sales organizations have a lot of people working together to increase efficiency. Every member of the sales team contributes, from business development personnel to account executives. Of all the sales roles available, the most crucial to a company’s success is the lead generator. This person is responsible for attracting buyers into the…
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2022 Demand generation Planning

2022 Demand generation Planning: How and why

It is no surprise that 2021 was a challenging year for digital marketers. The truth is that demand generation has been difficult to plan for and execute. There are many factors that affect how you communicate with your customers. Additionally, you are likely to be testing multiple strategies that focus on building engagement…
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